Welcome to Joell Blogs, the personal blog of Joell Mayoh.

I am a pretty normal chap with a degree in English and journalism who likes to write about stuff.

I used to tap on my keyboard a fair bit to express my thoughts about football (I think the links are around here somewhere), but I haven’t written anything for quite a while. It’s a long story as to why, and one that I probably should write about actually, but for now I’m back to just get the ball rolling again.

Over the coming weeks/months/years/decades, I am going to write about anything that grabs my attention, which football doesn’t really do anymore. [Sad face.]


If you have any suggestions about the site itself or what I write about, be sure to contact me in any way you see fit. You can find Joell Blogs on Facebook and you can also follow me on Twitter.

Just don’t call my landline, okay? It’s weird. Only my mum rings that and the sound of the phone makes the dog go nuts.



PS. I don’t have a dog. That Boxer is from a Google image search.


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