Cheers Chile and Switzerland. I had a nice little blog called ‘Disappointment’ ready to upload before you both decided to make the World Cup all exciting and stuff.

It’s a small price to pay though. I’m sure I’m not the only one who is breathing a huge sigh of relief following the shock defeat of tournament favourites Spain earlier today. Finally the World Cup isn’t boring. Chile sounded good too (I listened to the games at work).

Can we expect more of the same in the first of the second round of games tonight? South Africa are taking on Uruguay and I am eager to see the home nation in action having been stuck on the bloody train when they drew 1-1 with Mexico. (If you are a fan of Bafana Bafana and not a boring reactionary, why not turn up the volume on your computer, or put some earphones in, and read the rest of this blog here?)

That’s better isn’t it. Now we’re getting into the spirit of things.

The vuvuzela has provided more reason for debate than any of the football on display at the World Cup. Even Robert Green’s error has been talked of less. As the reactionary traditionalists of football cry about them sounding like a swarm of bees/wasps/hornets (delete as appropriate) their response to this unique symbol enjoyed by the fans in Africa stinks of oppression.

Football is not snooker and football is not tennis. The fans of football make noise for their teams. Are we Europeans really that arrogant that we believe we have the right to dictate exactly what type of noise fans should make? I sincerely hope not.

On this note I will depart to see if South Africa come from behind to defeat Uruguay. But I will leave with a cheesy, action-film quote that I believe sums up my position in three words:





2 thoughts on “Vuvuzelas

  1. I personally prefer the roar of the crowd, I do however love the unfailing enthusiasm of the locals pride at hosting such an event. Maybe thy should use rattles!?


    1. The clackers of yesteryear are not far off from rattles, they soon faded out, perhaps the vuvuzelas will do the same. I had a go of one on Friday night and I love them even more now – even though I am rubbish at using them.


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