The World Cup starts this week. I have looked forward to saying that almost as much as I look forward to my bed at night.

That is no positive expression though. I hate my bed. It’s basically a glorified chair that does as much for my back as Judas did for Jesus’.

I want to be saying: “The World Cup starts today.” Or better still: “The World Cup has started.”

But I will have to wait for that, just as I’ll have to wait for a new bed.

While I do so, there is still fun to be had.

I’ve already played a World Cup on Pro Evo, but I won’t go into too much detail about that, let’s just say Australia in the second round may be a trickier affair than you’d first imagine.

ESPN Classic is doing its bit by, surprisingly, showing classic games from World Cups of old.

While all this fun is being had though, big name players are dropping like flies. In fact, flies probably have greater anti-dropping powers than the pros warming up to showcase their talent on the greatest stage in football.

Rio, Drogba and Robben are the big three so far. Drogba may still have an impact, as may Robben. But we English know better than any that half-fit players at the World Cup do nothing but frustrate as memories of their true, fully-fit selves linger.

Rio, however, is on his way home after the game against the US, in what is bound to make for emotional reading in the next editorial for his shockingly good #5 magazine.

Along with these big name Charlies, Brad Jones of Australia, Wilson Palacios of Honduras and Denmark’s Nicklas Bendtner, are going home, doubtful and doubtful plus shit, respectively.

On a serious note, it must be pointed out that Brad Jones is going home because his four-year-old son has been diagnosed with leukaemia. This sad news has at least galvanised an Australia team that was rumoured to have had rifts.  Now you may begin to see why I think, not just because of being beaten by them on Pro Evo, Australia could be the surprise package at this World Cup. They don’t exactly have an easy group though. Serbia and Ghana are no pushovers, and Germany…well, Germany are Germany – all German and stuff.

See Mum? I told you I’d write more regularly.


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