If you look at the date of this blog and the date of the one before it, you will see that I have been a lazy git for a large period of time. Well, you could say ‘lazy’ but I’d prefer you said ‘busy’. So yes, I have been very busy/lazy.

Now though, with the World Cup so close around the corner that we could bump into it and spill our drink over its top if we don’t watch where we’re going, I am determined to get my blogging back on track.

I wrote a load of blogs during Euro 2008 and thoroughly enjoyed it, so I will try to write as regularly throughout the World Cup. I may have trouble doing so though because I was unemployed during Euro 2008, whereas now I am doing my internship and looking for paid work at the same time. Also, as you may remember, England weren’t at Euro 2008 (thanks for that Steve McLaren) so I was not distracted by foolish notions of hope and pride then. I’ll do my very best to make sure I write a new blog as often as possible though, I promise. Honestly Mum, I will.

So you can take this as a promise from me to you that I will spout my opinion on the World Cup as often as possible. That’s the sort of promise they don’t sell in shops anymore kids, so hold on to it like it’s a fiver to spend on toys in Woolworths. If you feel I am not living up to my word, tell me, and I will promptly tell you where to go – probably to Woolworths.


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