Hello everyone and welcome to my new blogging site. Having heard that WordPress was a better host for blogs, I thought I would check it out. And I was pleased to find out that it is much more hospitable than my previous hosts, Blogger. Hence the move.

I am currently doing an unpaid internship at a publication called CF Magazine in Digbeth, Birmingham. The magazine hasn’t actually launched yet but we’re hoping to get all the content wrapped up and advertising in ready for an early April release. I am looking after the game and film sections, as well as a news section that is loosely called ‘The Month’.

The internship is part of an initiative being piloted in the West Midlands to get graduates into the trade that they are qualified in. If and when we get the first issue published, it should look good on my CV and the experience at a magazine will hopefully help me get a job. Although it is unpaid like I said, I am entitled to receive Jobseeker’s Allowance. So, I am officially Joell the mole on the dole.

I hope this brief description of what I have been up to helps to explain why I haven’t posted a blog for an extremely long time. I will be a very busy bee in the foreseeable future, not only with work but also searching for a paid job in the media. I do plan on writing more blogs to build up my portfolio though. I may even write one tomorrow as contributing to my portfolio and getting it out there is part of my agreement with the Job Centre.

If you have any suggestions for me, whether it be for myself, my blogs or even for my sections of CF Magazine, do not be afraid to shout them at me so loud that my ears ring for a couple of days.


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